Digital Signature Capture: What You need to know

Distribution companies are always on the hunt for ways to become more efficient. They are forever looking for savings, but one area often overlooked is the proof of delivery process. By eliminating paper, and the antiquated manual processes associated with it, huge sums of money can be saved. Until recently, signatures had to be handwritten on physical pieces of paper, transported, delivered, and stored, and the cost was a lot of time, money, ink and paper. Now, however, companies can become more efficient than ever, just by changing the way they capture signatures for proof of deliveries.

Why Go Digital?

Wondering why integrating digital signature capture is a good choice for your company? Here’s a quick look!

  • Communication. Wet signatures are a hindrance to good, efficient, productive communication. They require time spent moving the physical document from hand-to-hand as well as money spent printing and scanning the papers back into your document management system. They have a negative impact on the environment, too. With digital signature capture, you no longer have to wait on the wet signatures to come back to your warehouse. The sorting and reconciliation process can begin before the drivers return. Your staff can start reconciling client changes (if any), manage exceptions and invoice orders that are complete and free of problems..
  • Efficiency. One of the biggest benefits of digital signature capture is overall efficiency. Capturing a signature digitally allows your company to use technology and not manpower to workflow documents through your organization and to your clients.  Imagine one of your deliveries is partial refused by the client; when the client and/or driver captures the changes, and the digital signature is captured, the information is transmitted in real time. Then, office staff can immediately start working on accurately invoicing that customer.
  • Never lose another POD signature again. By capturing signatures digitally, the risk of proof of delivery tickets getting lost, taken or damaged is eliminated. Capturing that information digitally allows you to offer more reliable service and accurate invoicing to your customers.
  • Improved Order to Cash Cycle.  By streamlining the proof of delivery process, you will cut days off of how fast you will get paid.  In addition, there will never be a disputed proof of delivery.  As soon as the customer “signs” on the tablet, the completed document is posted to document managment system/repository for instant and long-term storage and retreival.

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