Is Paper a Problem in Your Office?

Is paper a problem in your office? What about in your back office? How about in your customer delivery? If you are still using paper in your workflows, then it’s likely a problem and you aren’t alone.

Relying on paper is a folly that transcends industry, which is why so many are talking about it.

Here are a few paper stats that might make you consider how much you’re spending (and frankly, wasting) on paper:

“$300 Billion annually is what companies are spending each year on services such as certified mail, courier, overnight express, and faxing.” Darcy Fowkes, Aberdeen Group, Inc.

“Offices [are] generating more than 3 billion pages per day.” Don Dixon, Senior Analyst, Gartner Dataquest

“Of the $300 billion market for delivery of paper-based documents, whether through the mail, overnight delivery, or fax, analysts think that as much as $100 billion could move to the Net in the next few years.” Peter Burrows, Business Week


You can stop the madness though. Between sustainability initiatives and technological advances, digital solutions have been developed to replace nearly all possible uses for paper. Think about it:

  • E-mail has nearly replaced paper mail.
  • Note-taking apps render notepads useless.
  • Digital document solutions are reducing paper file storage.
  • Electronic signature capture eliminates the need for carbon copies.
  • Can you name a thousand more examples?

Is 2017 the year you resolve to improve your processes by reducing paper reliance?


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